I slept 5 hours last night. In a puddle of my own sweat. Uh gross. All part of the adventure! We woke up at 3:30 this morning to beat the heat. And we were on the road by 5am! The sun hadn’t even crested the mountains! We were riding 10 miles under the cover of darkness. You could hardly see the outlines of the peaks we were riding through and there was no one else on the road.

At 5:58 we crossed our last state line! We made it to the golden state! We spent no more than 5 minutes at the border before we continued deeper into the desert. We hit our last gas station of the day at mile 16. There was not a single structure for another 102 miles. We got a little way into the desert and were moving pretty quickly!

A sand storm developed behind us which was really cool to see but pushed me o move faster. We had water left for us at mile 30, first lunch break at mile 46, another water deposit at mile 64, second lunch at mile 83 and a final water break at mile 100. None of these breaks lasted longer than 10 minutes.

At one point, our route took a turn into a deeper part of the desert. It looked like another planet! But we were greeted with a very welcomed strong tailwind! At points we were climbing hills between 22 and 25 miles an hour. We were cruising on flats at upwards of 30mph and descending hills at over 40!

At our final break we were greeted with an enormous storm. I swear we have had more rain in the desert than we have anywhere else on the entire trip. Insane. Our host was waiting for us at mile 120.3. And I sprinted the last 20 miles in an effort to out run a storm that was growing exponentially! I got hailed on. HAILED ON. And I can’t tell you how many lightning strikes I saw. They were so frequent!

Once I got out of the storm, looking back I saw a cloud of sand in front of the darkest clouds I have ever seen! And all I could think of was my team behind me stuck in creepy abandoned roadside structures.

We all made it in. We are all exhausted. The single longest day of our trip is behind us. And it was incredible. I biked 120 miles through the Mohave desert in August. Through rain and sand. In extreme heat. Surrounded by beauty one wouldn’t expect to find in such a remote and desolate place. It’s strange to say that I would want to go back! The idea of taking on such an extreme challenge is so exhilarating. And to know that I finished it is so rewarding. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF AND MY TEAM!


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