Today was all climbing from start to finish! Thank god it was a short ride. Only 35 miles – and nothing but smiles! The climb was pretty spectacular. We finally were able to leave the desert climate. After having to do research on Wrightwood, it was interesting to actually see it-it was just as I had pictured it, and I had never seen any pictures! I wouldn’t mind having a vacation home here. Although the area is at a high risk of wild fire!

We stayed in the actual town for a few hours at a nice coffee shop before continuing up the mountain to our campsite. We needed to set up before the rain. About 3/4 of the way into our 1,200 foot climb (we had already climbed 3,000ft), we were instructed to return to town as we found a better location to spend the night. Cabins with bunk beds! Wooo!!

After making tacos for 27, my group sat down and joined our discussion regarding grant applications! We are deciding where our fundraiser money goes! It was really interesting and I wish I had the desire to pay more attention, but after 16 hours in the same sweaty clothes, I just wanted a shower!


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