Double back! We got to descend 3,500 feet today! Back down into the desert. Riding downhill on the road we struggled to ascend only 12 hours earlier. It is kind of nice to be able to do that. Sometimes you climb a hill and there is no reward. this made us really appreciate all the hard work we put into yesterday’s ride. The days are getting so much shorter! It’s actually a bit weird. Although we have more time not on our bikes, we hardly have much free time.

It’s also turning into “that” part of the trip where people have agreed to coexist for the benefit of the team. It’s interesting to observe those who have started to check out of the group. And although it seems sad, it already clearly defines those I believe I may never see again- and it doesn’t upset me all that much! For those who I have gotten very close to will make the end of this trip very difficult. We are all holding on to the few things we have on this trip- storming the breakfast and dinner table, route meetings, fighting to shower – the list goes on. I am really going to miss this extreme adventure. I will just have to find a way to incorporate it into real life.

Prom is later on tonight. We all have dates and have chosen individual themes. It’s going to be interesting. Or a total disaster. I’ll update on that tomorrow!


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